In the whirlwind of wedding bells, it’s hard to envision a future where you and your spouse don’t live out the perfect “happily ever after”. But the reality of sharing your life with someone else can be challenging, especially without a strong foundation of relationship experience. Marriages require not just love, commitment, and work, but also respect to truly flourish. Here, we unravel seven transformational keys that every couple should work on to build a happy and successful marriage.

1. Crystal Clear Communication – The Lifeline of Your Marriage

Talking with your spouse is the cornerstone of a healthy, thriving marriage. Be honest, kind, and respectful in your communication. Don’t just listen, understand. Keep the lines of communication wide open, talking about more than just daily chores or bills. Sharing your inner thoughts and feelings strengthens the bond, making your marriage a fortress of trust.

2. The Power of Gratitude – Say “Thank You” More Often

Expressing gratitude for your spouse and the life you’ve built together acts as a powerful catalyst for love and respect. Appreciate the little things – a meal cooked, help with household chores, or even a shared joke. Practice saying “thank you” daily. This small habit can transform your relationship, fostering warmth and love in the most surprising ways.

3. Never Lose the ‘Us’ Factor – Prioritize Couple Time

In the hustle of work and family responsibilities, romance often takes a back seat. Fight this trend by planning special dates or quiet evenings at home. If you have children, arrange playdates for them while you and your partner spend quality time together, reigniting the spark that brought you together in the first place.

4. Recharge Yourself – Cultivate Personal Space

Alone time is crucial, as it allows you to recharge, reflect, and pursue personal interests. Take a class, meet friends, or volunteer. Time spent away from your spouse can enrich your personal growth, which in turn enhances your relationship. When you reunite, you’ll appreciate each other even more.

5. Agree to Disagree – The Art of Respectful Disagreement

Every couple has disagreements, but the key is to handle them respectfully. Listen to your spouse’s perspective without anger or frustration. If necessary, take a break and resume the conversation when both of you are calmer. Remember, compromise is the language of love.

6. Building Trust – The Backbone of a Lasting Marriage

Criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling are grave threats to a marriage. Renowned marriage therapist, John Gottman, Ph.D., found that couples who avoid these destructive behaviors and take responsibility for their actions are more likely to have a long-lasting, happy marriage. Focus on building trust, and respond quickly to your partner’s wishes to reconcile after disagreements.

7. Forgive and Move Forward – Let Go of Past Hurts

Everyone makes mistakes. There may be times when your spouse hurts your feelings or upsets you, sparking anger or even fury. However, it’s essential to process these feelings, let them go, and move on. Don’t keep dredging up the past. Forgiveness is the key to a peaceful, loving relationship.


Commitment to your spouse, your family, and the life that you’ve built together is the essence of a successful marriage. Support each other emotionally and in everyday ways. Your relationship may grow and change with time, but these seven secrets can help ensure your marriage remains happy and successful over the years. Keep them at the forefront of your relationship, and watch your marriage blossom into the marriage you have always wanted.

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