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Kristy Groce

I come from a blended family. My mom and dad divorced when I was two years old. My mom has been married three times and my dad was married five (yes you read that right, LOL). I have two half-sisters, a sister from my dad’s side that I am 10 years older than and a sister on my mom’s side that I am 6 years older.

I was physically and sexually abused growing up by almost every man in my life including ones that were supposed to show me what unconditional love is. I was unwanted by both parents and was more of a burden or obligation than a gift. After a failed suicide attempt at 16, I felt God didn’t even want me and the best way to describe is that my heart became stone, and I just had hate and indifference inside of me. I ended up getting married to the first guy that proposed to me after only knowing him less than a year which turned into an alcohol abusing very toxic relationship. I divorced him after 11 years and decided to start going back to church.

I started dating Josh and was going to church BUT was a raging alcoholic. I learned that Josh was a year and a half sober, and that alcohol wasn’t allowed in his life or home. After dating a couple months, Josh told me that we couldn’t be together due to my drinking, little did he know that I had quit and was a week sober. Our joke is that I led Josh to church, and he led me to sobriety.

Our relationship should not have or still be successful – we are both extremely broken individuals that have very broken pasts…. BUT GOD….

We want to show couples and their stepfamilies that God is a God of redeeming grace – yes you may feel like you have a big red “D” (divorced) on your shirt when you walk into church, but God has forgiven you.

God can restore your marriage; God can create a community around you to help remind you when things get tough, HE is God, and HE has it all under control.

We need each other so that we know that we are not alone!

You don’t have to sit in silence and think that your feelings about your step-kids sometimes are “wrong” – they are normal!

Let’s connect, Let’s be blended together.

Josh Groce

I come from a blended family. My dad adopted me when I was 2 years old, right after he and my mother married. I only met my birth father once when I was about 10 years old. I have a sister that is  1 1/2 years older and she was adopted as well. I have 2 half sisters that my parents had after they got married. 

I was in a hunting accident when I was 15 and almost lost my life to a direct rifle shot. God saved me then and many times since. I became an alcoholic in my early 20's, ran off to Vegas and got married to a woman I met in the bar. Had a child with her, and helped raise her daughter. After 5 years of toxic marriage, we divorced. My alcohol abuse grew massively which caused me to lose jobs, get a DUI, and eventually hit rock bottom. 

After losing everything (including myself) I decided to start living. I sobered up. In my first year and a half of sobriety an incredible woman I once knew reached out to me. Her name was Kristy 😉. Eventually we began to date, even though she was abusing alcohol as well. I thought I could handle it. This nearly drove me back to alcohol. I told her I couldn't carry on with the relationship, and she told me she was done drinking. 

We have been together for 11 years and married for almost 9. We have traveled this road the absolute hard way! The good in that, is we learned so much of what NOT to do in a blended family. With broken families and broken pasts, common sense says we should not have the success in our marriage and in our family that we do. But God.

Our goal is to honor God by sharing what we have learned in this 11 years so others don't have to suffer the way we have. Our mission is to connect to and serve others just like us.

We always say that I showed Kristy sobriety, but she led me to Jesus. Our lives, our children's lives, and everyone we impact will forever be changed.

We pray that we can serve you in a way that can change the direction of you and your families lives.

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