August 1, 2022
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Have you thought about college for your kids? If you were like Josh and me – we really didn’t think about college for our kids until they start Highschool! On top of that, we never considered that they could go to college and be debt free!

If this gets you pumped up as it does us then read on!

Well, Jeannie Burlowski has a step-by-step book that helps parents start thinking about college and has a book with a step-by-step guide based on what grade your kids are in.

Look into your options as soon as possible

Do your research or talk to other people to find out all the different options that you have for your kids. You could hire a consultant that is a professional to walk alongside you and your child to have not only a debt-free experience but a pain-free one too!

Josh and I did not do this for our kids – We were extremely blessed with the first three. Jordyn basically did all of her own stuff because she is a girl! Little Josh applied to colleges once he was a junior and HS and was able to be accepted into MSU. My oldest went into the trades. We have one left that is a senior and we need to start with him now because we have done nothing! This episode has inspired us to take action!

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Get Jeannie Burlowski’s Book!

This is self-explanatory – You can order her book on amazon for $34.99! (order here) We asked Jeannie during the interview – how stressful is it when using this book because getting your kids ready for college IS a stressful task. She said that with her book everything is a step-by-step guide. You don’t need to jump ahead or look back. You need to start reading the book in the exact grade and month that they are in and she walks you right through it. Isn’t that a relief?!

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Communication between the parents is key

Sometimes in marriage ESPECIALLY in blended families – there is some tension when it comes to money. It is best to start having those conversations about it as soon as possible. You can recommend Jeannie’s book to your spouse or your ex too! Jeannie addresses in the podcast that you do not need to go to an Ivy League college to have the career of your dreams. But, let’s not make the transition into college even more stressful for our kids by arguing about money.

This is essential in blended families – this needs to be talked about sooner rather than later. One thing that josh and I learned is that you need to try to think of all things to talk about in your blended family. So how do you both and your exes feel about college, money, savings, discipline, curfews, and so many more? Nothing should be left out because you want to stay ahead of some of these things before it’s down to the wire and THEN you’re stuck bickering with the exes or each other and your kids are in the middle. 🙂

Here is the episode to watch that’s all about getting through college debt free!



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