Whether we like it or not God does want us to be still and know that He is God. There are many of us including Josh and I that are “doers” but that also comes with its own set of complications.

All of us in the world are trying to just satisfy this urge of worthiness or just trying to not just sit with our thoughts, whichever. We can use an addiction (alcohol, gambling, drugs, porn, etc). We can use working out or always being busy. We can also use staying in bed and watching TV. All of these things the devil wants to use to take our focus of what we were created to focus on and that is Jesus.

God commands us in Psalm 46:10 to be still.

For MONTHS I would be telling people – “I don’t have time to breathe” – I would fill up every second of my schedule every day with something to do or somewhere to be and I actually convinced myself that it couldn’t be any other way. I would tell myself -“to whom much is given, much will be required” Luke 12:48 but that is taking the Lord’s words to me and using them to make myself work myself to death.

I went in to have a routine bunion surgery and ended up being allergic to the prepping solution which burned my skin and caused an infection in my incision. I am going on 11 weeks this week and I have been non-weight bearing, spent 4 days in the hospital, have had two more surgeries, Had a wound vac for a week, have a PICC line in for 3 and half more weeks and I am still NO WEIGHT for 3.5 more weeks as well. My schedule opened up real quick, let me tell you. God also had about 8 different complete strangers ask me what happened and then tell me that God must have been telling me to slow down throughout this time. GOD wanted me to be still and get back to HIM. I was doing all of these works but not spending time with HIM or really spending quality time with my spouse. In these 12 weeks, we have become closer as a couple by deepening our level of commitment to each other by going through a health trial. Josh has had to pick up a lot more responsibility which includes taking care of me. But I have time to read my bible in the morning now having to sit there for an hour every morning and every evening with IV antibiotics.

The moral of this story is that you must make time for your creator. He yearns for a relationship with you – this is for your benefit – and it’s to strengthen you for the trials of this world. If you don’t slow down when the Holy Spirit is prompting you – it will only be a matter of time and He will slow you down for your own good.

Do you ever find yourself sitting in the quiet without your phone, tv, or friend?

This is your sign to schedule this if you need to.

Make time for the following:

  1. Bible reading and prayer – make a request every day for wisdom and discernment. Pray for your spouse and then read bible verses pertaining to these things.
  2. Clear your schedule – if you have to. Stop telling yourself that you “have” to do these things. You can make time for your quiet time, your family, and your spouse. Jesus was never too busy for people.
  3. Go outside – If you’re in a state like mine where the weather is becoming freezing and you hate it as I do – then sit in front of a window and just look outside. If it’s not cold then get outside and feel the wind on your face, look up at the sky, and look around at the birds. Talk to God…

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Remember we love you, God loves you…

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Defending those that can't. Loving the difficult. Serving the one true God.

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