Did you and your spouse discuss finances before you were married?

Josh and I did not discuss this but with our family it was easy financial decisions because I, Kristy, work and Josh is a stay at home dad. So, my finances were obviously his finances and we shared any money and bills, LOL!

A lot of families including ours were not thinking about once we are gone what kids need what from us. Some of our kids may need a little more than others or maybe something different like a trust. We recently interviewed Greg & Johnita Petty’s on our podcast and we talked about some hard truths that families need to sit down and discuss to ensure everyone is taken care of.

Here are some takeaways from this episode:

What is fair to you?

This is a question that Greg asks every couple when they come in. You would be surprised what you and your spouse each feel is fair. Many times, we just assume that they think the same as us.

This is SO true – when Josh and I first got together and I was filling out paperwork for what each kids would get as a percentage if I died – I thought my kids should get more because they don’t have the amount of people that would step up and take care of them that his kids would. He didn’t think that was fair because he didn’t work so all of our kids should get the same.

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Do you know that there can be benefits to being blended on your FAFSA?

Greg being a financial planner and has helped so many blended families points out that if there is just a slight change in parental days for a parent that makes less money can benefit the child with more financial help for college. 🙂 Greg also explains this on the episode.

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Remembering that your relationship is more important than money or debt.

Always come back to remembering that you two are on the SAME team. Yes, you will disagree and need to work through some tough decisions but you are on the same team and CAN work through it together and always find common ground. 🙂

Josh and I did not do this in the beginning. Josh took charge of the finances and I was okay with that and didn’t want to know where the money was going because I didn’t want the stress of it. That wasn’t fair to Josh or our relationship and after about 5 years of this – We started doing the finances together and openly talking about where we were with our budget and savings.

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Being blended is very hard – the feelings, the judgment, and even the unspoken judgment of what type of parenting you are doing with your step kids, keeping a balance with your spouse. All of this is hard and then when you throw money in there – that leaves a lot of room for disagreements. You can put your marriage first and put God in the center.

Remember – We love you and God loves you.

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