June 13, 2022
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Do you hear the phrase “Find your purpose” but it gives you heartburn?

When I used to hear that it would make me, Kristy, almost roll my eyes. I would think “it must be nice to know your purpose but I just don’t have anything that I feel is a passion of mine”

No one really talks about steps that it takes to find your purpose or that fact that it takes a long time and will probably change over the seasons of your life.

To find your purpose you to just start somewhere – this will push you outside of your comfort zone and limited beliefs of yourself.

Search inward

In order to “just start” you need to search inward first in prayer with God. God will start bringing to your mind things that you enjoy doing. Are there things that you enjoy doing AND you’re good at. That is where the “sweet spot” is. Some people may enjoy singing but they aren’t good at it. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t sing. Maybe they are really good at singing but really don’t enjoy it? That is not your sweet spot. You realize that you love singing and you are good at it, then start there. 🙂

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Focus on what you have

What do you have right now within in your hemisphere of influence and then where can you serve to give back with what you have recognized as your sweet spot. Do you like smiling? Then be a greeter at church. Do you love babies – you can volunteer in the nursery at church and also volunteer at hospitals to hold and rock babies that are born addicted to drugs. You can look for ways to serve inside and outside your church. Don’t focus on what you don’t have- focus on what you have.

When it came to me, Kristy I needed to focus on what I had. I knew that God wanted me for something but what does that mean? So, I started with volunteering in the nursery, then greeting, so on and so forth. What a lot of people don’t know is that Josh and I started before serving in the church with is a business that we called Faith, love, serve and we tried to start a movement of giving back to the community and dropping things off at the humane society or paying it forward. God gave us a mission and we just started going, no matter how dumb or small it seemed. 🙂

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Take Ownership

Understand that you are in control of your life. Don’t blame it on your past, people, or not having enough. Once you start taking responsibility for your attitude and your actions a whole new world opens up for you! I know you’re probably singing the song fro Aladdin at this point, BUT it’s true! You have endless opportunities to create and do what you want with your life and you need to be the one that starts. What is one toxic trait that you have right now that you can change that will start your journey?

Taking ownership is also being willing to adjust your sales and change course once God starts leading you in a different direction. Josh and I really felt like God was leading us to help people through addiction and that would be our purpose. We still do that through Celebrate Recovery and LOVE it! But God is realigning our purpose to marriage coaching and helping blended marriages to navigate through the trials of stepfamilies. 🙂

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Remember that God loves you and we love you

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