What does it mean to have “wise counsel” in your life? What does this mean to you or what does it look like to you?

Josh and I have a best friend couple that is “wise counsel” in our life. They are people that love us for us, they challenge us with biblical principles, they challenge us by the way that they purely live their lives, and they challenge us by helping us love ourselves better. 

Recently they asked us to interview us on our podcast and they didn’t want us to know the questions. Well we accepted…GULP!

After the interview was over, this had me reflecting on more than just the podcast.

1. Reflection 

Doug and Stacey started by asking about what made us passionate about our podcast and helping blended families. What made you passionate about each other in the beginning?

Think back on why you and your spouse originally got together. How far have you come since then? Where have you grown and where have you slid back? A big question that you both can ask is where are you serving? (don’t forget to start with one another) 

Josh and I end up discussing this about every month. We talk about where we think we are, where we can improve, where we can do more for each other, and for others.

Making Marriage a priority

2. Social Media

They asked us what we feel about social media & peer pressure and what we think affects marriages today? 

This made me think – FIRST OFF we have never done a podcast on this and that needs to change ASAP!

When it comes to your marriage how does your phone affect your time together? Josh and I LITERALLY two weeks ago talked about how we haven’t been “doing” anything together. Now… we are always together, between coaching clients, podcasts, Celebrate Recovery, church, and being parents. BUT, we haven’t gone on a walk lately or spent intentional time together, without our phones! Josh and I are always on our phones! 

3. Accountability

How are you holding yourself accountable in your marriage and is there an area that you need to become more aware of to hold yourself accountable?

A marriage needs to have God at the center. Where are you focusing on being more Christ-like?

There are times that I want to make a mean comment or get annoyed with Josh. This is usually due to my own lack of sleep or stress that I bring on myself. 

I have the Holy Spirit convict me: Is this how God has made me to act? It is also okay to sit down together and talk to one another about where you want to improve and how you will hold each other accountable. Remember – your marriage is a safe place! Are you owning your side of the marriage?

Watch the full interview with Doug and Stacey by clicking on either of the two links:

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Remember – we love you… God loves you.

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