Have you struggled with addiction?

Have you struggled with despising your spouse’s work?

Have you had a broken childhood that you carried into your marriage?

We have had the pleasure of having Ron Deal on our podcast a few times in the past which prompted us to attend the Stepfamily Summit last year in Georgia.

It was at the summit that we got to meet Ron in person and also meet his wife Nan. ☺ 

Meeting Nan was an absolute pleasure for me because of how honest and open she was. She shared with me that she is in Recovery and through that process one of the things that she had to accept was Ron’s ministry. This was hard for her because she hated his ministry and “us” the families that he was helping! LOL! 

I loved that she was so open with her feelings because, if I am being honest, I would have hated “us” too! How can you help marriages when you are putting your ministry above your own marriage? 

This is a great lesson to grasp for all of us – people can relate to us when we are honest about our feelings and not try to pretend that we don’t have any negative thoughts.

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Does your marriage have :

Abandonment issues – Nan shares how she had a difficult childhood growing up and she carried those issues into her marriage. Once her husband started finding success and was traveling a lot she then felt abandoned by him.

Chemical Addiction – Nan shares how she turned to alcohol and prescription drugs after the death of one of their sons. For ten years she suffered in silence until she finally was ready to submit it all to God.

Struggle to make Marriage a priority – Ron shares how he was leaving his family because he was craving the spotlight and dealing with his own demons of pride and success.

They have been married for 36 years and are so close with one another now and want to share with all marriages that this can be done! With God all things are possible.

You will definitely want to check out the episode with Ron and Nan – they talk about their struggles with losing one of their children, running a ministry, and recovery from a chemical addiction.

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Remember we love you…God Loves you.. 

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