June 6, 2022
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I have struggled with mental illness for a long time. 

The month of May is a very important month to bring awareness to it and have this be discussed. In Marriage there are a couple different factors: 

Does one of you struggle with mental health and the other doesn’t? However, in this case the spouse has to get educated and understand how to be married to someone that struggles with it. 

Do you both struggle with a mental illness and you need to put some “rules” into play so that you both not only can be healing with your own but also supporting your spouse?

Check out an episode from last year that we talked about mental health 

How to support someone with mental health

There are some important keys to combating mental health:

Know your signs

It is important to know the difference to when you are having an off day due to being tired or under a lot of stress to other signs that may be leading you down a path of a spiral. For me, Kristy, there is no rhyme or reason except that I start feeling like impending doom and that usually brings on a panic attack. Instead of trying to figure out why, I focus on how to get through. Most of the time there are no specific reasons why you are having anxiety or panic attacks – the reason why you have them is usually from past trauma from your childhood or a trauma that is in your past and that is what has been developed. 

Here is a previous episode

How to Cope with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Don’t let it define you – At Celebrate recovery we say “ I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and I struggle with…fill in the blank. This is identifying who we are in Christ and not with our sin. The same goes for mental health – don’t define yourself as depressed – define yourself as a grateful believer and an overcomer that has a struggle. When it comes to this – you also need to think about – what I am listening to? Who am I hanging out with? What am I watching? All of these things program your mind.

Mental Health Hacks


This is a big one. Do you know how to calm yourself when you feel you are on a downward spiral? Do you know how to pause and pray when in the moment? Self-care is a vital component in this. If you are like me – I tell myself that I should be fine and that I should be able to handle ALL of things. This should also include self-care that helps keep me “centered.”. Prayer and reading your Bible definitely should be in this category. How to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit.

Something that we did NOT mention in this episode that I am disappointed about because it makes a HUGE difference in mental health and that is SERVING! Going to serve in your church and/or a soup kitchen or the humane society. Pick something and go volunteer for it and serve. There is a lot of healing in this.

This is the most recent episode

Mental Health Awareness

Make it a great week and remember –

We love you and God loves you.

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