One thing most blended families can agree upon is that there were a lot of things that they didn’t realize were going to be a problem or were even aware of all the different nuances that blending would bring.

Speaking of that, you can watch this episode on “Premarital Education – Do you need it?”

One of the most important parts of blending families is the relationships that affect the home. What many (including Josh and I) didn’t realize was how broad all of those relationships were.

We got married and thought that it would be just us and our kids, right?? 


Those of you that have been in a blended family for a while– go ahead and laugh at this point, we know we are!

You can also watch this episode “Preparing to Blend”

Relationships that will affect your home are your spouse’s ex-spouses parents! Or your spouse’s ex is now remarried and their spouse’s parents! All the respective grandparents want to see the grandchildren. 

Well you throw birthdays and holidays in there and that is a lot that affects your house and that is a lot that the children are at the center of.

Let us introduce you to Mike and Kristine Stensland who created This is a digital map that can show in a colorful graph all the different relationships and how it affects them.

Blending is very hard – that is why it is so important for both you and your new or about to be new spouse talk through as many things as possible: Finances, discipline, visitation schedule, in laws (new and old), faith, parenting styles, role changes within the family, and much more.

If you could see a road map of where everyone is at with the relationships that they personally touch and how that relationship is, whether it is “on the rocks” or sent from heaven – this information can help you navigate these so that your family can thrive.

Kristine and Mike – really have a heart for blended families and have wanted to make a difference for years now. They started with a divorce care class in their church which then evolved (or added) a blended family small group from there. After hearing so many stories they realized that quite a few people need to realize that they are not alone! 

Blended families are not ones to come forward and raise their hands to talk about whether they are in need of help or struggling. BUT, once they find the resources that they could use and see a community that is around to help, they are willing to jump right in and not only raise their hand but also help others.

Take a moment to get to know Kristine and Mike Stensland by listening to the interview linked below.

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Remember – God loves you and we love you ☺

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