Marriages with blended families are the largest underserved category in the church today

Our vision is to help encourage and inform marriages with blended families of how they can have the marriage they have always dreamed of.


What they say

Josh & Kristy do a phenomenal job! We can't wait to see where God takes them!

Jay & Laura Laffoon - Speakers/Authors

Josh & Kristy are so entertaining, thought-provoking, and refreshing! They bring a high level of professionalism with a lifetime of experience.

Steve Gilliland - Speaker/Author

Blended Families Need The Right Tools For Real Success

Our ultimate tool is the Word of God. Then we need to know how to apply that to our blended family. We do this in a way that is fun and engaging.

Biblically Based

We believe that true change comes when we honor and glorify God with our lives. Our sessions are geared around the teachings of the Bible. We can not have true success in our families without following the truth of God.

Practical Resources

We believe that "knowing" what the Bible teaches isn't enough to transform our lives. Our sessions encompass real life examples and practical steps to a truly successful blended family.

Inspiring & Fun

No boring lectures here! We promise to bring the fun and laughter! Highly engaging content with plenty of laughs. Laughter helps connect the information on a much deeper level. Prepare to have fun!

Let's Talk About Us Speaking At Your Church!

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