We just passed the most important day in history to us which is Easter Sunday. Easter is such a special time with the Good Friday services, family gatherings, and the Sunday service to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

Last week on our podcast Josh and I were reflecting on what we could glean from this Easter season to put forth in our marriage. 

Blended families are so different from family to family, between deaths of previous spouses, divorces, adoptions, having “step kids” that are not biologically your current spouses but they raise them, to extended blended families of in-laws or siblings! 

Your marriage is always getting pulled in multiple different directions and loyalty lines and one thing that we need to continually be doing is recentering back to “us” with God.

So when it comes to your marriage – what can Easter teach us?

Give – even if it costs you everything. 

Give your time, finances, patience, yourself to your marriage. Sometimes this will cost you friend time. Giving is service driven act and when you look to your spouse of how you can serve them. What is their love language? How can you fill their tank?

If you missed it we have a podcast that we have done about the 5 love languages

Sacrifice builds & deepens intimacy.

Sacrificing for your spouse can look like so many things. You can sacrifice some “TV Time” to something around the house for them that they normally do. You may normally do the laundry and they normally do the dishes. DO the dishes for them. 

Check out a previous episode “Making Marriage a Priority”

There is always hope for tomorrow.

There is always tomorrow and if you BELIEVE that your marriage will get better and hand it over to God, it WILL get better. If you are struggling with believing – start praying together and reading your bible together. God will help both of hearts.

If you missed this last week’s episode here are the links to both FB and YouTube



Josh and I have been at this for 11 years and have went through CPS, cops, fights, hiding of kids, kids wanting to move out, kids using drugs & alcohol, kids have sex too young, counselors, and much more. 

Our marriage should NOT be a success by any standards or measures of this world. But God….. We believe(d) that we were meant to be together and that nothing would split us up. We did not have God at the center of our marriage in the beginning. Over time – God has been more and more a priority along with each other. 

You have been made for times such as this.. Keep your head up and skin in the game.

Remember we love you & God loves you 

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Defending those that can't. Loving the difficult. Serving the one true God.

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