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Season 9 Episode 8 . 49:22

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Couple on Fire – For couples that want to take their faith, family, and future to the next level
Couple on Fire – For couples that want to take their faith, family, and future to the next level

Our goal is to help you, your spouse and your family, Ignite your Faith, Family, and Future and take it to the next level by giving practical tips and tricks that we have used in our own lives. We have 20 years of sobriety combined. We also have been a blended family for over 10 years!

We have lived lives of major struggle, alcohol addiction, sexual/emotional/physical abuse, and so much more. BUT!! We have fought our way out of it! We are proud Christians that feel there is a gap between the non-Christian world and the Christian world that is full of people like us! Support this podcast:

The Fine Line Between Humor and Hurt in Marriage
byJosh & Kristy Groce

In this episode of ”The Couple on Fire Podcast,” we dive into the delicate balance between humor and harm in marriage. While laughter is often called the best medicine, it's crucial to recognize when jokes can cross the line and cause unintended pain. Join us as we explore the potential dangers of poking fun at your spouse and offer insights on how to keep humor healthy and uplifting in your relationship.

We'll discuss:

Understanding the difference between intent and impact.

The importance of building and maintaining emotional safety.

Effective communication strategies to ensure humor strengthens rather than weakens your bond.

Harnessing the power of positive reinforcement to enhance your connection through loving, playful humor.

Grounded in biblical wisdom, we'll reflect on Ephesians 4:29 and the importance of speaking words that build up and benefit your spouse. Tune in to discover how to navigate the fine line between humor and hurt, ensuring your marriage thrives with joy and respect.

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If you are looking for a podcast by people that understand what it means to go through tough stuff in life and see how God can transform them and their lives, then this is the show for you.

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Meet the couple that's on fire

Meet Josh and Kristy Groce, the passionate duo behind "The Couple on Fire Podcast." Josh, a dedicated Marriage and Family Therapist in training, and Kristy, who holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology, bring their combined 28 years of sobriety and deep faith to the forefront of their work. Their journey, marked by personal growth and resilience, fuels their mission to help others elevate their faith, family, and future. Together, they share insights on marriage, addiction, and blended family dynamics, offering practical advice and heartfelt support to their listeners. As devoted Michigan State fans and active members of their community in Michigan, Josh and Kristy are committed to inspiring positive change and personal development through their engaging and impactful podcast.

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