There are so many marriages that I knew/know that don’t do anything together.

Before I was a Christ follower I lived my life all wrong. In my previous marriage we would go to parties together but then separate as soon as we got there. He had his hobbies like fishing, paintball, hunting, etc and I had my things like shopping, hanging out with friends, and going to roller derby. We didn’t do any extracurricular activities together.

I ended up divorcing for many more reasons than that and now Josh and I have been together for almost 12 years. We have become Christ followers and are involved in the church and I still see those same bad habits in relationships in the church.

They go to church together but they basically are just riding there together and then doing their own thing. The men are going hunting, fishing, men’s bible studies, and men’s events and the women are going to dinner, caramel apple events, Women’s bible studies, Women’s events, etc…

What passions do you and your spouse have that you do together? We started a Celebrate Recovery at our church 6 years ago because sobriety is one of our passions. Then almost 3 years ago Josh and I tapped into wanting to start a podcast to bridge the Christian Gap with people that come to the Lord later in life. Yes, we go on dates together but having a passion we do together is so much more. It gets us pumped up and energized. This has led to starting a book together and going to marriage events together and now getting ready to host our second very own blended marriage event.

Sharing a passion with your spouse can bring a renewed sense of energy to your relationship and vigor!

Here are three things that following a mutual passion together can do for your relationship:

Gives you a sense of purpose

More than just the mundane of going to work, paying bills, going to church, raising kids, etc. This is a passion that you both get excited about. When you both are excited about something it seeps over into other parts of your relationship and just gives you a positive fuel injected into your schedules.

We love seeing each other’s strengths shine through! Josh is amazing at creating ideas from scratch and also coming up with all of our graphics. I am great at building off of our content and creating acronyms or rhymes or catchphrases with them. We both will get a light in our eyes when we can build off of each other!

Keeps you curious

Curiosity keeps you learning and growing. When you and your spouse are doing a mutual passion together you are both learning and helping each other grow! This excitement you both can be jumping up and down and what one of you will learn about something your spouse may learn something different and then talking about it will pump each of you up!

Josh and I went to a stepfamily summit in Georgia last year to increase our own knowledge about what we are passionate about and meet other people that are passionate about what we are passionate about! Going to Georgia also turned into a mini vacation. We visited an aquarium – the best one EVER and went to the world headquarters of coca-cola!

Keeps you passionate about each other

You know when you go on vacation together and you are laughing and carefree and then you get in the bedroom that night and can’t get enough of each other? That is what it’s like working with a passion together. You get that “feeling” all the time. Laughing and creative juices as I like to call them will give you that rush of endorphins and keeps your relationship fresh. 😉

The event that we have coming up – I LOVE seeing how excited Josh gets when our ideas are coming together and we are creating. This gets me more pumped which then gets him more pumped – it is just a free-flowing continuous flow that happens.

Once you start doing it together this will grow into others and it is so much fun and you will have so many laughs!

Keep the passion in your marriage by doing a passion!

Watch the latest episode about our marriage event which is just one of the passions that we do together 🙂

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